Mobile Portrait Setup

Since this was picked up by Inovativ and Tethertools on Instagram, I have been getting loads of questions from people asking for a break down of what was involved.

© Jack Terry_BHTS_83


This rig was built to allow me to photograph portrait of about 50 people really quickly with different backgrounds. The setup was used on a shiny floor and rolled around like a dream. We did try adding sandbags with a couple of U hooks but the added weight actually made the rig more unstable when it was being rolled around.

Below is a list of everything you need, click the item for more information.

1. Inovativ Digi Plate lite

2. Manfrotto Extension Arm

3. Super Clamp (x3)

4. U Hook

5. Tethertools 4.6m USB 2.0 lead

6. Avenger A5017 Roller 17 folding base

7. Manfrotto Lite Tite

8. Manfrotto 208HEX

9. Manfrotto 496RC2 Ball Head

10. Profoto B1

11. Profoto Softlighter Kit

© Jack Terry_BHTS_84