BT Openreach

In an ever-adapting world of creative consumption, shooting stills off the back of a TVC or other video shoot is becoming increasingly regular. This shoot for BT Openreach was shot alongside a small crew creating an advert for BT Openreach to use on on-demand streaming platforms.

With extreme time pressures, as the photographer, I didn’t have the ability to use the lighting provided by the video units for a lot of the setups. Instead, these had to be re-created by myself and an assistant. Using a combination of HMI and RGB colour-controllable light tubes, we were able to make the stills match exceptionally accurately.

Working alongside a film crew takes patience and a tremendous amount of flexibility as a photographer. This time was no different. Life was made easier by using my new Canon R5 camera system, which is brilliant under lower light scenarios and also has the ability to shoot up to 20 frames per second entirely silently.