Another complicated setup, shooting stills and video for this one. One part of the campaign that didn’t end up being used required a POV image which meant me shooting from a paddle board while wearing the monster helmet rig at the bottom of the page.

Not the usual photographer set-up. We had one person directing me (as I couldn’t see through the camera), me directing talent, and somebody else releasing the shutter with a wireless trigger as my hands were in the shot, so I couldn’t do it myself. All while tethered to a laptop with a 10m cable and working next to some talent who were dead set on trying to knock me off the paddle board. We also streamed the files live to a client viewing area 200m from the set.

Despite a few hairy moments, that camera stayed dry, the client was happy, and the image above (that I shot from the safety of a pontoon) was the one that made the cut. The second day in a pottery studio in London was much more straight forward.

DOP: @brett_davies_dop
1st Assistant: @davetreagust
Digital Operator: @mjlloydphoto