Pimms Summer

Another great drinks lifestyle shoot, this time for Pimms. The aim was to rattle through as many scenarios as physically possible in one shoot day to give breadth and variety to the image library. We started in a location house down in Brighton and then went to the beach via a picnic in the park.

Multiple unit moves, combined with food and drinks styling, made easy with a great team as ever. We were blessed with fantastic weather for once, so we adapted scenes to lean best on available light and leave all the equipment in the van. This allowed me to work fast and maintain a natural, almost documentary aesthetic.

Production – Dave Treagust
Lighting / Digital Operator – Sam Todd
Hair & Makeup Artist – Elouise Willet
Prop & Wardrobe Stylists – Leila Watts & James Bush
Food & Drink Stylist – Tanya Sadourain
Food & Drink Assistant – George Stocks
Lighting Hire – The Brighton Studio